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Treasure old memories and say goodbye in style with our 'Don't Forget Us' mug. Personalise with a team photo and colleague's name. Start customising now!

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Personalised 'Don't Forget Us' Mug: The Ultimate Colleague Leaving Gift

When a cherished colleague is moving on to a new role, it’s essential to send them off with a memorable and heartfelt gift. Our personalised 11oz white mug, featuring the elegant slogan “Don’t Forget Us”, is the perfect way to remind them of their time with the team. Designed to be both practical and meaningful, this mug promises to be a cherished keepsake.

Beautifully Crafted Design

The ‘Don’t Forget Us’ mug is thoughtfully designed, starting with the name of your leaving colleague in an elegant handwritten font at the top. This touch of personalisation makes the mug truly special. Below the name, there is a circular space where you can upload an image of you and the colleague or the entire team. This photo serves as a constant reminder of the wonderful times shared in the office.

Bold Slogan for Lasting Memories

To ensure that your departing colleague never forgets their time with you, the mug features the bold slogan “Don’t Forget Us” prominently below the photo. This powerful message, combined with the personalised photo, makes the mug a unique and touching gift.

Exceptional Quality with Dye Sublimation Printing

Our mugs are created using the advanced dye sublimation printing technique, which guarantees vibrant, high-quality colours. This method ensures that the images and text on the mug remain striking and clear, even after multiple washes. The printing process embeds the ink into the surface of the mug, providing a high-quality, long-lasting finish.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Practicality is key when it comes to everyday items like mugs. Our 11oz white mug is not only microwave safe but also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and convenient for daily use. The robust design ensures that the mug can withstand the rigours of frequent use, preserving its vibrant appearance and heartfelt message.

Creating the Perfect Personalised Gift

Giving a personalised gift is a great way to show appreciation and create lasting memories. The ‘Don’t Forget Us’ mug is the perfect way to encapsulate the bond between colleagues. Customising the mug is simple - just upload your chosen photo, and our intuitive interface will guide you through cropping the image to fit perfectly within the circular frame.

A Thoughtful Farewell Gift

When a valued team member leaves, it’s important to give them a goodbye gift that reflects the time and effort they’ve invested in your team. Our personalised leaving gift mug offers a blend of sentimentality and functionality, ensuring your colleague has a lasting reminder of the friendships and memories forged during their time with you.

Start Customising Your 'Don't Forget Us' Mug Today

If you’re looking for the perfect colleague leaving gift, look no further. The ‘Don’t Forget Us’ mug is a beautiful way to bid farewell while creating a cherished keepsake. Click here to start personalising your mug today, and give your colleague a gift they’ll treasure forever.

Order now and let your cherished colleague start their new journey with a heartfelt reminder of your team's camaraderie and appreciation.

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